Our Pick of the Best Chicken Feeders

Keeping your chickens fed can be a painful process if done manually. Most people are too busy working or away from home to be able to regularly feed the chooks – but this is where an automatic chicken feeder is perfect! 

Now all you need to focus on is filling the feeders when required and your chooks will be happy as larry with the ability to eat when they want.

With many chicken feeders on the market ranging from automatic to simple gravity fed feeders, it can be a hard decision choosing the right one. We have selected our top chicken feeders to save you some time.

Our Chicken Feeder comparisons and top picks

  1. Super Handy Chicken Feeder Automatic 20lbs (9kg)
  2. 6-Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder
  3. Chicken Feeder with Capacity of 20 Pounds
  4. Metallic Chicken Feeder – (50 POUNDS)
  5. RentACoop Chick Feeder

Best Chicken Feeder Reviews 2020

Super Handy Chicken Feeder Automatic 20lbs (9kg)

The name of product defines itself well enough, that it is super handy. This feeder has some of the most impressive features, including that it is super convenient to use and function. In addition to that, it is an assimilation of great specs of other most efficient chicken feeders. This chicken feeder is built to ensure that feeding your poultry is no longer a challenging task.

You do not need to hassle to produce the feed because it is always at hand to use whenever needed. When dealing with Hens, Roosters, or Peasants, Super Handy serves as the best chick feeder. Use of resistant material in the manufacturing of this chick feeder helps it to bear harsh conditions and prevents it from rust. Moreover, this product provides the customers with excellent space of 20lbs.Finding all of that in a such a reasonable price is pretty hard, but Super Handy chicken feeder has got you covered?

It is the best chick feeder available in the market to enhance the work efficiency and decrease the stress of protecting, storing and producing the feed every single time.The construction of this product is according to the aspects that you want in a gadget that can accomplish its task with excellence and convenience. Efficiency and convenience together sounds like an amazing deal, don’t you think? Moreover, It weighs about 12 pounds, so it’s super easy to carry too.

What we like

  • It will feed your poultry with ease.
  • Built from rust-resistant steel
  • Rust resistant
  • Galvanized side guards
  • Large capacity to hold

What we don't like

  • Can harm young chicks.
  • It does not have UV protection.

6-Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder

6-royal rooster chicken feeder is another best chick feeder available. Saving time and money with the most spectacular specs is now easy with 6-Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder. This article has an ingenious arrangement that helps to verify if the birds get clean water, and ensures that there is no wastage. The valve cup feature ensures fresh supply of water making the cup-filling process stress-free.

The material of this chick feeder includes PVC plastic that ensures the durability of the feeder and waterer for quite a few years. It is the most efficient chick feeder designed only to feed the chickens without feeding other insects and rodents. There also is a rain cover on the top to protect the feed from rain and harsh weather conditions. Besides that, the different separation hinders chickens from ‘swiping’ the feed onto the ground, saving money and reducing the wastage of feed.

The most important feature of this chick feeder is that it provides clean and dry feed, promoting the health of your chickens. And who wouldn’t want their chickens to be the healthiest? The design of the feeder protects the feed from microbes and fungus or algae growth and keeps your chickens safe. Another important benefit of buying 6-Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder with Rain Cover and Valve-Cup Waterer Set is that it is UV resistant, unlike most of the chick feeders. One set suit up to 6 chickens. Minimum effort is required to assemble the chick feeder. Fix to a concrete wall with the use of the four aluminium brackets.

What we like

  • UV protection
  • It has a valve-operated drinker cup.

What we don't like

  • Not functional for large flocks.
  • Expensive

Chicken Feeder with Capacity of 20 Pounds

This is also one of the best Chick feeders you can find in the market. The best part about this product is that can place the chicken feeder wherever you want. As 99% of the feed remains inside the feeder, no other animals including rats, mice or squirrel can spill the feed to find their prey.The material of the feeder is made up of BPA Free Plastic. All you have to do is fill the feeder with feed and chicks can eat their food immediately. Sounds easy, no?

It is widely known as the best chick feeder for chickens that are twelve weeks and older. Younger chickens can get hurt by crawling into the port, hence it is not recommended for them.

The product also comes with a cap that helps the food remain dry. If you don’t have your chicken feeder in a place that’s covered, the cap will help to keep the food from becoming wrong from inside. It is a fantastic feature considering the feeder can hold a total of twenty pounds of food. What makes this product more spectacular is that little or no food spilt when using this feeder. For the amazing functionality you get, don’t you think this feeder comes at an excellent price?

What we like

  • An immaculate way to feed
  • Do not have to refill repeatedly.
  • Cap to keep food dry.

What we don't like

Will need to order several of these if you have a lot of chickens. That could get expensive.

Metallic Chicken Feeder – (50 POUNDS)

You must be aware that Chicken feeder is one of the basic necessities of a healthy folk of chicken. Chicks eat food in a manner which causes the food to spread on the floor, and the chicks walk over their food too; the pests, rodents or birds come there and contaminate the food. Eatingcontaminated food may have harmful effects on their health. This is where this feeder comes to the rescue!

Sometimes the climate changes bring rain, which can also spoil the chick’s food if spread on the floor or exposed to rain. If you are finding an efficientchick feeder which can help is saving the food from any harm and keep it dry, this chicken feeder is what you need! It is very convenient for you if you reside in a wet area, as this feeder is waterproof.

This chicken feeder provides the best work with chicken food like mash, pallets, crumbles, scratch or grains. Another impressive feature of this product is the use of galvanized steel in its production. It does not only prevents it from rust or corrosion, but also makes it long-lasting product. These features make it one of the best outdoor chicken feeders in the market.

Large storage of 50 lbs allows more food for chicks, and they do not have to refill again after a short time. The height of this container helps to reduce waste and It is also considered a zero-waste chicken feeder. It’s not a hard job to set up this chicken feeder either. All you have to do is to fit it into the wall or place it in a stand and your chicks can eat comfortably from this feeder. Where else would you find all these features in such a reasonable price?

What we like

  • Waterproof
  • Galvanized steel
  • Large capacity (50lbs)
  • Free from rodents/li>
  • More feed storage
  • Reduce waste
  • Easy to install
  • Good for outside use
  • No rust or corrosion

What we don't like

  • Dents on steel

RentACoop Chick Feeder

To raise a flock of chickens is not an easy task, for any chick farmer, breeder, or any other person. You have to keep a check upon their healthy diet. Most of the chicken feeders don’t have water facilities them making farmer’s job even more tricky. But do not worry! RentACoop Chick Feeder Water kit provides you with both facilities together at a reasonable price of nearly equal to $17.95 or less. Would you find a deal better than that?

It contains a significant capacity for a feeder of 1 litre and water of 1.5 litres. It is suitable for a farmer having many chicks to feed. The chick’s poop can sometimes contaminate the chicken feeder placed on the floor, and they end up eating that contaminated feed which is not good for their health and production. We have to assure that the food they are eating isnot contaminated, and this feeder can help us with that!

Cleanliness is also one of the essential components for healthy chicken, and it’s effortless to clean this feeder. You can relax while your chicks stay clean and happy! The material of the chick feeder is also BPA free, so it does not harm the chicks and keeps the area clean. This product is the most straightforward to get together and to use. With its budget-friendly price of $17.95, it is a great investment.

What we like

  • Feeder and waterer both
  • Less price
  • Plastic BPA free
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble

What we don't like

  • May contaminate chick’s food.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Chicken Feeder

Chick feeder quality should be the best, whether you have just 2 to 4 hens or a whole poultry farm. Are you wondering how to choose the perfect chicken feeder? Worry no more! Keep reading to find out if you want to buy a chicken feeder and are confused between what to buy. Many of them seem reasonable and it might get difficult to decide for you. Below are some points that will surely help you out in this regard.

Feeder Size

The size of the container should be big enough that it contains the big capacity for food and your whole flock of chicken can eat from it. A good size will help you out as you won’t have to fill the feeder repeatedly.

Reduce waste

While buying the chicken feeder, you have to keep in mind one thing more that this chicken feeder is good enough that it does not allow chicks to waste their feed. The chicks throw and spill the food here and there, so choose products which are designed in such a shape that causes less wastage of feed. Thus, it causes less wastage of money. The throwing feed may also attract other rodents or wild birds to attract towards it.

Feeder Placement

Before buying a chicken feeder, you first have to see where you are going to place it. See if there is a place on the ground to install it or hang it. So, you can buy your product according to that place and size where it can fit easily.


Money is one of the most important factors while buying any product. Everyone wants to buy a good chick feed at a reasonable price. Now they are available in a good range but check if you can afford the feeder easily. Automatic chicken feeders are the most efficient chicken feeder and are the most expensive. Hanging or other trough chicken feeders on the other hand are reasonable. You should buy the one that completes all your needs and is economical for you.

Pest/rodent proof

The health of your chicken should be your first priority, as they are the source of their next-generation or giving eggs used by us. No contamination should occur in your chicken feeder by pests or rodents like rats or mice, which are more prone to cause disease or parasites in chickens and can harm their health and decrease their production rate. Better safe than sorry, no?


Another factor you must consider before making your purchase is the material. The material of the chicken feeder matters a lot if you want it as a long-lasting product. If you buy a plastic made product, get assured it is not of that material that it will harm chickens health and will be hard plastic that can not be broken by chicks. Plastic chick feeders are also light in weight. If you plan to buy a steel feeder, I recommend you to choose the one which does not rust or corrode easily. They are more convenient for chickens.


One of the main features is that chick feeder have to be durable and is easy to clean because cleaning is mandatory to provide a healthy life to your chicks. Make sure that your feeder is easy to clean.

Types of feeder

There are two main types of chick feeders; automatic chicken feeder and hanging chicken feeder. It would be best if you buy this according to your ease. Automatic chicken feeders need your skill; some of them have timers to set mealtime and are expensive while hanging chicken feeders are very easy to use and are affordable.


You must make sure that the weight of the chicken feeder is not too large that it is not easy for you to handle. It should be light enough to not disturb the chicken or be slipped by chicks while eating feed.

Age of chickens

Your chicken feederalso mainly depends on the age of the flock too. In the market, there are some chicken feeders which are designed only for baby chicks and others are for every aged chicken. So you have to buy it according to your flock of chicken, keeping their ages in mind.


Some people are too conscious while buying a chicken feeder because they want to buy a long-lasting product. So many people wish their chicken feeder to be water-resistant so that they can use it outdoors without any risk of damage (like rust or corrosion) due to rain or climate change. If you are one of those who plan to use the feeder outdoors a lot, you should opt for a water resistant feeder.


Chicken feeders are now one of the essential components in poultry farms and for farmers who have a small number of chickens. The best chick feeders and their features explained will help you in making the right choice to help increase the productivity and the health of your chickens!We hope this article was able to help you out with your purchase ad now you are more confident in buying a feeder for your chicks.

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