Bring your garden to life by encouraging native wildlife with the use of animal feeders.

Fauna Feeders is dedicated to providing quality information and advice for anyone looking to encourage wildlife into their garden. This could be anything from native birds to squirrels and deer.

By encouraging wildlife into your yard or garden you can actually help the environment, especially if you are encouraging fauna such as birds and bees which are crucial to the pollination of flowers and spread of flora.

Try introducing a bird feeder to your yard!

Checkout our guides and list of advice from how to create your own bird and animal feeders to guides on the correct plants to place in your yard to encourage wildlife.

Fauna Feeders has been developed as a place to unite the millions of people worldwide that live a life connected with the beauty of the outdoors. Having wildlife in your yard can bring with it peace and tranquility as well as doing your part in keeping the circle of life functional.

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Thanks for visiting Fauna Feeders. We are passionate about wildlife and the benefits of encouraging animals and birds back to your garden as a way to instill peace and tranquility in your life.



Welcome to Fauna Feeders. As a contributor to this site, I like to share my passion for bird watching with others. Hopefully I can share some knowledge of ways to attract birds and other wildlife into your garden.