6-Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder Review

6-royal rooster chicken feeder is another best chick feeder available. Saving time and money with the most spectacular specs is now easy with 6-Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder. This article has an ingenious arrangement that helps to verify if the birds get clean water, and ensures that there is no wastage. The valve cup feature ensures fresh supply of water making the cup-filling process stress-free.

The material of this chick feeder includes PVC plastic that ensures the durability of the feeder and waterer for quite a few years. It is the most efficient chick feeder designed only to feed the chickens without feeding other insects and rodents. There also is a rain cover on the top to protect the feed from rain and harsh weather conditions. Besides that, the different separation hinders chickens from ‘swiping’ the feed onto the ground, saving money and reducing the wastage of feed.

The most important feature of this chick feeder is that it provides clean and dry feed, promoting the health of your chickens. And who wouldn’t want their chickens to be the healthiest? The design of the feeder protects the feed from microbes and fungus or algae growth and keeps your chickens safe. Another important benefit of buying 6-Royal Rooster Chicken Feeder with Rain Cover and Valve-Cup Waterer Set is that it is UV resistant, unlike most of the chick feeders. One set suit up to 6 chickens. Minimum effort is required to assemble the chick feeder. Fix to a concrete wall with the use of the four aluminium brackets.

What we like

  • UV protection
  • It has a valve-operated drinker cup.

What we don't like

  • Not functional for large flocks.
  • Expensive