How to best keep squirrels away from your humminbird feeder

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Pointers To Keep Squirrels From Invading Bird Feeders

Providing a feeder for birds in your backyard can be a rewarding experience. However, it can turn to be frustrating when squirrels invade the bird food. These furry creatures are mercenary when it comes to food. No one is aware of it other than the bird lovers.

You will find that nothing can stop these rodents from depriving the birds of their seeds. They perform all sorts of acrobatics and even hang upside down all for the sake of a seed. You may think they’re unstoppable. All you have to do is be more creative keep the squirrel away from the feeder. By using specialized squirrel proof feeders to easy tricks, you can prevent them from emptying the feeders. Below are some of the best ideas to keep your birds from going hungry.


If you see the gusto, they exhibit while attacking the feeders, you can assume how much they enjoy the feat. Squirrels are opportunists who go to any length to get the feed. As the temperature starts dropping, they become desperate to get fattened up for the winter season. These creatures like the seeds, and they have all the skills needed to acquire it.

Now comes the question of how to distract them from the bird food? Squirrels are more interested in taking the path that has the least resistance. If you can distract them with an easily accessible area having great food sources, they may leave the birds to feed alone. Well, this idea has its negative aspects. You will have to provide them with lots of food to keep them satisfied.

During the winter season, these rodents are never satiated with what they eat. Moreover, it will be an open invitation to more furry creatures to visit your yard. It may seem more like you throwing a winter party for these furry friends. If you wish to keep these creatures away from the vulnerable bird feed, the diversion would be a good option. In this manner, everybody gets to eat, and it’s a win-win situation.


You can frustrate the squirrels by suspending the feeder in mid-air. Though squirrels can leap up to 10 ft horizontally, they are not capable of flying. If you’re creative enough to suspend the feeder in a perfect position, it will turn out to be a birds only area. The best way to do this trick is to string a wire up between two trees.

For this, find two full-grown trees that are minimum 10 feet away from one another. Pull the wires between the trees till its firm and secure. Then put some spinners on the wire to prevent tight rope walkers from invading. You can use yarn spools, plastic soda bottles, or anything that rolls as spinners. These rodents will find it difficult to cross as these spinners will roll and then will fall on the ground. Finally, you have the bird feeder right in the middle of the wire and away from the trees. The floating feeder is ready!

Make sure that the setting is far away from the ground level. It works perfectly only if it is at a height where these furry hoggers cant leap and knock the seeds out.

Spice Up The Feed

Fed up with having to deal with these furry stealers. Not interested in feeding these bandits at all. Then the best method you can use is to stock the feed with items that only birds can eat and enjoy. In this way, you don’t have to fill it with more seeds. Nor think about crazy ways on how to squirrel-proof the feeder.

Are you aware of the fact that birds enjoy having spicy seeds? Their palates don’t notice the difference. Guess what! Sprinkle cayenne pepper or similar spices onto the seeds before you place it in the feeder. Birds will find it just fine, but squirrels will smell the spice and stay away. You may have to reapply the spice regularly as it may wash off or get blown away. Squirrels may realise when the spice goes by smelling and come back. You can also get spicy seeds from the local stores. This saves you from adding the spice each time.

Build a dedicated Squirrel Feeder

One way to keep squirrels away from your bird feeder is to distract them with their very own feeder. Consider building a DIY squirrel feeder, they aren’t too hard and are worth trying.

Stopping Them From Climbing Feeder Poles

Let’s also check out ways how you can stop these agile creatures from climbing the feeder pole and stealing the invaluable seeds.

Baffle Up

A baffle is a device mounted onto the feeder poles to stop the squirrels from reaching the seeds. This cone-shaped device will keep these creatures sliding off as they try to jump onto the feeder. Using Vaseline to smear the baffle will give more protection.

Slinky Trick

For an entertaining trick, you can attach a slinky to the upper part of the feeder pole. The squirrels won’t have much luck as the slinky will come down when they try to hang out.

Final Thought

These ideas may seem like we have a dislike for squirrels. Never! It’s charming to see their determination in getting food. The fact is these bushy-tailed creatures don’t depend on your bird seeds to survive. You can prevent them from raiding your bird feeder to an extent. However, do expect an occasional visit from the squirrel at times.



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