RentACoop Chick Feeder Review

To raise a flock of chickens is not an easy task, for any chick farmer, breeder, or any other person. You have to keep a check upon their healthy diet. Most of the chicken feeders don’t have water facilities them making farmer’s job even more tricky. But do not worry! RentACoop Chick Feeder Water kit provides you with both facilities together at a reasonable price of nearly equal to $17.95 or less. Would you find a deal better than that?

It contains a significant capacity for a feeder of 1 litre and water of 1.5 litres. It is suitable for a farmer having many chicks to feed. The chick’s poop can sometimes contaminate the chicken feeder placed on the floor, and they end up eating that contaminated feed which is not good for their health and production. We have to assure that the food they are eating isnot contaminated, and this feeder can help us with that!

Cleanliness is also one of the essential components for healthy chicken, and it’s effortless to clean this feeder. You can relax while your chicks stay clean and happy! The material of the chick feeder is also BPA free, so it does not harm the chicks and keeps the area clean. This product is the most straightforward to get together and to use. With its budget-friendly price of $17.95, it is a great investment.

What we like

  • Feeder and waterer both
  • Less price
  • Plastic BPA free
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble

What we don't like

  • May contaminate chick’s food.