Chicken Feeder with Capacity of 20 Pounds Review

This is also one of the best Chick feeders you can find in the market. The best part about this product is that can place the chicken feeder wherever you want. As 99% of the feed remains inside the feeder, no other animals including rats, mice or squirrel can spill the feed to find their prey.The material of the feeder is made up of BPA Free Plastic. All you have to do is fill the feeder with feed and chicks can eat their food immediately. Sounds easy, no?

It is widely known as the best chick feeder for chickens that are twelve weeks and older. Younger chickens can get hurt by crawling into the port, hence it is not recommended for them.

The product also comes with a cap that helps the food remain dry. If you don’t have your chicken feeder in a place that’s covered, the cap will help to keep the food from becoming wrong from inside. It is a fantastic feature considering the feeder can hold a total of twenty pounds of food. What makes this product more spectacular is that little or no food spilt when using this feeder. For the amazing functionality you get, don’t you think this feeder comes at an excellent price?

What we like

  • An immaculate way to feed
  • Do not have to refill repeatedly.
  • Cap to keep food dry.

What we don't like

Will need to order several of these if you have a lot of chickens. That could get expensive.