How to attract more birds to your garden

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It is getting rare in this day and age to find gardens and open spaces in congested cities, which are more like concrete jungles! If you are one of the lucky few people who have a garden, then you must look after it well. This is the reason it is difficult to find or attract birds to your garden. Unlike old times, nowadays, you may have to try a few things to make your garden attractive to the birds. The first thing you should try is adding a feeder to your yard, a good start is a simple hummingbird feeder.

What Do Birds Want?

If, when, and how many birds visit your garden will depend on

  • How big or small the garden is
  • How close it is to the city
  • Proximity to open spaces or wooded areas
  • What kind of trees does your garden have
  • How bird-friendly your garden is

All Birds Are Welcome!!

When I first moved to a house with a big garden, I was very happy! There were a number of large trees, and I was sure that soon I would wake up to the chirping of birds! However, no such thing happened. I kept waiting for that day, and it never came. Then, one day I went to a neighbor’s home and found to my surprise a large number of birds in his garden. I was inquisitive, and when I asked him, he gave me a few pointers.

Soon my garden became a haven for birds, and I was really enjoying the songs and dance of the colorful birds. So, here I am sharing some tips with you so that you are also able to attract birds to your garden.


Just like for humans, food is essential for birds! Take care of the following things

Sourcing Bird Food

Get bird food from pet shops or other reliable sources. Make sure that you are feeding birds with the required amount of energy. You can try mixing different types of seeds like sunflower, niger, etc.

No Bad Food

Don’t put any leftovers from your food for birds. Even peanuts or multi-purpose pet food may be more harmful to the birds! Bread is not at all nutritious and should be given in small quantities. Avoid any sweets like biscuits and sticky food, which can turn solid around their beaks.

Plant Bird-friendly Trees

Birds love fruit-bearing trees, especially berries. They love to build their nests where there is abundant food. Hummingbirds love flowers and can spend hours in your garden if you have the right plants and trees.

Birdbath & Water

Birds cannot resist a birdbath! In a big garden, you should have more than birdbaths in different areas and at different heights. Birds love to socialize while frolicking in the water. If it is too cold, then make sure that the water is not too cold or frozen. Never use salt for defrosting. It is too dangerous for birds.

Birds don’t drink a lot of water, but they need clean water at regular intervals. Their food is mostly dry like seeds, so it is essential to have easy access to water.


All animals have an instinct about their safety. Birds take time to feel at home in any place, and it is your job to make them feel safe in your garden.

  • Keep an eye on predators like cats and big birds like hawks. Most neighborhoods have cats roaming around, and you don’t want to attract birds to your garden for them to become food for these cats. If your neighbors have cats as pets, then you can ask them to keep them away.
  • Keep the feeders away from your house. Any sudden noises and movements will spook birds very easily. They may even collide with glass windows, not understanding the reflections.
  • Any plant or tree which can cause them harm is a big no-no.
  • Don’t put electric or spiked fences in your garden.


Birds or, for that matter, everyone likes freedom. Here freedom does not mean caging them or keeping them in an enclosure.

  • You can place some nest boxes for birds, but the best option is to provide natural settings to them. If they get a chance to build their own nest, it is best for them. There should be thick hedges and enough foliage cover for them to build their house.
  • Please don’t keep the garden full of obstacles or things that can restrict their movement. You should give them a sense of freedom to come and go as they please.

It is wonderful for people who get a chance to watch colorful birds popping into their gardens for a visit!! The twitter of birds and fluttering of their wings will bring you a lot of happiness. Go ahead and make a few changes in your garden to make it more attractive to these beautiful visitors!



Welcome to Fauna Feeders. As a contributor to this site, I like to share my passion for bird watching with others. Hopefully I can share some knowledge of ways to attract birds and other wildlife into your garden.

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