Andwe Hay Feeder Cylindrical Stand Feeding Manager with Cover for Guinea Pig Rabbit Chinchilla Bunny Review

We have already mentioned above how Andwe is slowly making its way to the hay feeder industry. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised to see another hay feeder on the list by the same brand. The first thing that you are going to like about this feeder is its unique design. If you are looking for a different kind of rabbit feeder, then this would be ideal for you. It has a cylindrical structure. This means that instead of eating from just the front part of the feeder, your rabbits can eat from any side they want from around the feeder. Due to its design, some people might even confuse it for a decorative item.

It’s a win-win situation. It goes without saying that if you own multiple bunnies, then it would be an excellent decision to buy this rabbit hay bar. It allows numerous rabbits to feed simultaneously. The top cover helps in keeping the hay from spreading all over the place if your rabbit accidentally knocks it over. Moreover, this feeder can also double as a toy. If you have a small squirrel or a guinea pig, you can use the feeder as a cartwheel. Just open the top lid, let the animal in and then watch him practice on the feeder like it is a cartwheel. Just be sure to close the lid properly for the animal’s safety.

What we like

  • Multiple bunnies can feed on it simultaneously
  • It can double as a toy
  • It has a cylindrical design

What we don't like

  • The top cover is loose